Article 6C for planning purposes

Under Article 6C, during the flood season for planning purposes, the average daily peak flow during the flood season  (July-October) of the simulated baseline flow regime (1986-2000) at each of the selected hydrological stations (exclude Kampong Luong and Prek Kdam stations) is to be compared data derived from the Baseline Scenario. A scenario would NOT be deemed acceptable for planning purposes if one or more simulated daily peak flows in the flood season at one or more hydrological stations are above these thresholds.

 Article referenceFlow framework for planning purposes
Article 6C Preventing average daily peak flows greater than what naturally occur on the average during the flood season

Average daily peak flow during the flood season (July-October)

Location of hydrological stations for planning purposes

Hydrological stations
Name Station ID Country
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Chiang Saen 010501 Thailand
Vientiane 011901 Lao PDR
Khong Chiam 013801 Thailand
Pakse 013901 Lao PDR
Stung Treng 014501 Cambodia
Kratie 014901 Cambodia
Chrouy Changvar 019801 Cambodia
Tan Chau 019803 Viet Nam
Chau Doc 039801 Viet Nam


Location of hydrological stations for planning purposes
Mekong mainstream within the Lower Mekong Basin
Lower Mekong Basin boundary