Kratie - Article 6A for planning purposes (pending issue)

The acceptable flows framework for planning purposes during the dry season is based on the monthly average discharge in the dry season (December-May) during 1986-2000, as simulated by the Baseline scenario in the DSF at Kratie .

  December January February March April May
1:4 ARI 5806 m3/s 3457 m3/s 2413 m3/s 1935 m3/s 1870 m3/s 2748 m3/s
1:5 ARI 5657 m3/s 3375 m3/s 2345 m3/s 1881 m3/s 1801 m3/s 2555 m3/s
80% FDC 5151 m3/s 3260 m3/s 2239 m3/s 1938 m3/s 1772 m3/s 2218 m3/s
90% FDC 4605 m3/s 3019 m3/s 2036 m3/s 1679 m3/s 1615 m3/s 1950 m3/s
Flow framework cConsiderations

For each month, a range of thresholds is used to consider the year-to-year natural variation of water availability. In case of a wet year, the monthly minimum flow will be maintained at the upper bound while the lower bound will be applied in case of a dry year. In average, the monthly minimum flow should be maintained between the threshold ranges.

A considered scenario could NOT be deemed acceptable for planning purposes if the average discharge simulated by the DSF is below lower bound for one or more months of the dry season at one or more of the selected hydrological stations.

Hydrological stations
Name Station ID Country
Click on station name to see flow framework for planning purposes and associated thresholds details for each station
Chiang Saen 010501 Thailand
Vientiane 011901 Lao PDR
Khong Chiam 013801 Thailand
Pakse 013901 Lao PDR
Stung Treng 014501 Cambodia
Kratie 014901 Cambodia
Chrouy Changvar 019801 Cambodia
Tan Chau 019803 Viet Nam
Chau Doc 039801 Viet Nam